Grass-Fed Beef

Here on the farm, we are raising traditional South Devon and Ruby Red Devon cattle.  Both breeds are known for their delicious flavour from the deep marbling in the beef.  Our cattle are grown on grass without any supplementary feed.  This takes longer but gives healthier beef full of flavour.   It is then hung for 30 days to further develop the fabulous taste and texture of the meat.


Free local delivery or farm pick up available


Overnight courier available from £20


Suggested beef box options are listed below or why not

create your own selection of favourites!

Minimum custom order 3kg


























 Slow Cooker Box - £70

 Let your slow cooker take the strain of producing delicious stews, casseroles and pulled beef


2 kg Stewing Steak

2 kg Minced Beef

1 kg Chuck Joint

500 g Brisket

500 g Shin


Total 6 kg 

Beef Box Options

Family Box - £60

A range of cuts for any occasion

to keep all the family happy. 

This box also makes a great locally sourced present


2 kg Roasting Joint

500 g Stewing Steak

500 g Shin

2 kg Mince


Total 5 kg 

 For more information or to place a personalised order call


07872 598 659


Steak Box - £50

Treat yourself to some great steaks, 

With a bottle of red wine

every night can be a bit special. 


2 x 200 g   Fillet Steaks

2 x 250 g Sirloin Steaks

2 x 250 g  Rump Steaks

 2 x 250 g Minute Steaks


Total 1.9 kg 

Speedy Meals Box - £35

Whip up scrumptious meals in minutes with these fast cooking cuts of beef.  With these in your fridge you'll be ready for anything! 


500 g Minute Steaks 

500 g Stir Fry Strips 

2 kg Mince 


Total 3 kg 

Banging BBQ Box - £45

Get some beef on the barbie! With steaks and burgers to feed the hordes, this box is a guaranteed crowd pleaser to get your summer off to a sizzling start.  


1 kg Rump Steak

1 kg Minute Steak 

2 packs of 4 x 125 g burgers


Total 3 kgs

Mince Box - £45

Fabulous tender minced beef ready for making into lasagna, cottage pie, bolognese, home-made burgers and many more easy recipes


5 kg Minced Beef 


Total 5 kg 

With a bit of everything this box is a great way

to make sure that you've always got something yummy in the freezer to cook up.  


1.5 kg   Roasting Joint

500 g  Minute Steak

500 g Rump Steak 

500 g Sirloin Steak

2 kg  Stewing Steak

500 g  Short Ribs

2 kg  Mince

500 g   Shin


Total 8 kg 

The Big One - £200

Have you got a chest freezer that's just waiting to be filled? Are the family hordes descending and you'll need to feed them all? When you're in need of serious amounts of beefy goodness, the Big One is the box for you.  With a bit of everything to suit all tastes, this box will see you through! 


3 kg Roasting Joints

1 kg Brisket

1 kg Minute Steak

1 kg Rump Steak 

1 kg Sirloin Steak

400 g Fillet Steak 

1 kg Braising Steak 

2 kg Stewing Steak

4 kg Mince

1 kg Shin

500 g Skirt


Total 16 kg 

Classic Mixed Box - £100

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